First Aid is proud to hold it’s 2016 Benefit Concert at The Quaboag Riders Motorcycle Club in Monson, MA on June 25 and 26.  Saturday June 25, we host The Last Waltz Live, a recreation of The Band’s legendary concert and film.  The Last Waltz Live features major area artists such as Peter Newland from Fat, Dan from Reverend Dan and the Dirty Catechism, Brother Sal, Nikki Howard and More.  
The last Waltz Live is the brainchild of “Rev Tor” Krauter, a Berkshire Music Legend in his own right.  Shortly after the death of The Band’s Levon Helm, Tor and other musicians of note from the Berkshires to Woodstock banded together to create The Last Waltz Live.  This project has been extremely successful in large part due to its unique adaptability to charity events.  The show, anchored by Rev Tor’s Band, hosts artists of note from the local area, ensuring a built in fan base for the event. 
Day 2, it’s Metal on The Monster, featuring Cleveland’s A Punch’s Pilot, Sakara, Pretty Penny, Adherence, A Moment to Riot, and Granite Mouth.  First Aid President, Dave Mech states this will be a special show, as Metal has all but disappeared from the New England outdoor music scene. 

The loss of Lokobazooka and other events has created a void that Mech and co-producers Stefan LaPierre and Robert Larue, of In Rock We Trust Entertainment, hope to fill.   Mech’s label, Rudy Records, www.rudyrecords.biz, is proud to bring Cleveland’s A Punch’s Pilot to Metal on The Monster. 

APP has a unique sound that appeals to all ages. In fact, Rudy Records’ The Lifted, tied Godsmack’s record of “local band” ticket sales at Lokobazooka in 2005.  First Aid is also proud of its entire Sunday lineup, featuring Sakara and Pretty Penny backed up by several up and coming bands. 
Doug Danger will be in the house both days, as well.  Also taking place on Sunday is the Largest Motorcycle Verticross in the East. Sixteen riders will climb the Monson Monster for a winner takes all prize, and the title of “King of The Hill”. 

The Quaboag Riders Motorcycle Club in Monson, MA has quickly become the premier New England motorsports venue, offering Hillclimb events, 4x4 Hillclimbs, and its brand new 4x4 side by side racing series hosted by Central Connecticut 4 Wheelers. www.monsonmonster.com 
We will focus this year on education of veterans and The Public on PTSD and other issues Veterans face upon their return home and beyond.  We also are proud of our “Toy Soldiers” program, providing cheer for military children during the Holiday Season.  


 DAY 1 June 25, 2016 
Last Waltz Live 
                                         01:00 to 02:00 – Reverend Dan and The Dirty Catechism 
02:00 to 02:30 - Nikki Howard 
02:30 to 03:30 –The Kings 
03:30 to 04:00 - Nikki Howard 
04:00 to 05:30 – RadioXile 
05:30 to 06:30 – Lisa Martin 
06:30 to 7:00 – LWL Sound Check 
07:00 to 09:00 – Last Waltz Live 
DAY 2  June 26, 2016 

Metal On The Monster 
12:30-1:15 Granite Mouth 
1:30-2:15 A Moment to Riot 
2:30-3:15 Adherence 
3:30-4:30 Pretty Penny 
4:45-6:00  Sakara 
6:15-8:00 A Punch’s Pilot

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First Aid 2016- "Not Forgotten" takes place June 25 and 26, 2016 at The Quaboag Riders Motorcycle Club in Monson, Massachusetts. Saturday June 25, First Aid presents "The Last Waltz Live" featuring The Rev tor Band and special guests. Sunday June 26, it's Metal on The Monster featuring "A Punch's Pilot" and special guests. Both days feature jeep trailrides, food and beverages, motorcycle and military related vendors, and oh yea, Hillclimbing...featuring the largest Verticross race in the East. Click above to find out more!

Previous events

First Aid Day 2- Metal on The Monster

 —  —

Quaboag Riders Motorcycle Club, King Ave. Off Rte. 32, Monson MA

Metal on The Monster featuring Cleveland's A Punch's Pilot, with Sakara, Pretty Penny, A Moment to Riot, Adherence, A Moment to Riot, and Granite Mouth. ALL METAL, ALL DAY! Motorcycle Hillclimb Verticross Racing. $20.00 advance $25.00 day of the show.

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First Aid Day 1 The Last Waltz Live

 —  —

Quaboag Riders Motorcycle Club, King Ave. Off Rte. 32, Monson MA

June 25, 2016 Day 1. Enjoy The Last Waltz Live- Featuring Rev Tor and Friends, Fat's Peter Newland, Rev Dan, Brother Sal, Jeff King, Nikki Howard, Jennifer Schultheis, Kenny LaBelle, Jen Jensen.

And Music all day with: RadioXile featuring Peter Newland from Fat, Nikki Howard, The Kings, Lisa Martin, and More. Tickets $20 before June 25, $25.00 the day of the show.

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